3D files requirements and production tolerances

We offer 3D printing services at industrial 3D printers HP Jet Fusion 5200 and 4200 plus full-color prototyping at HP Jet Fusion 580. The HP Jet Fusion 5200 printer is capable of 3D printing an entire build chamber within just 12,5 hours. A huge advantage is that the bulid time is constant, no matter how many parts are being printed. Compared to other additive manufacturing technologies, the HP Jet Fusion offers high productivity with great mechanical and chemical prperties.

To ensure your parts´ flawless production, you should submit 3D files that meet the specific requirements explained on this page.

3D files requirements

File formats, tolerances, build chamber sizes

Supported file formats

Upload your files in STL format. You can also upload any CAD files; however, the system will automatically convert them to STL. We encourage you to visually check those files in our viewer to confirm that they are ok. We also recommend checking that the files are in the correct dimensions. If the conversion does not look good, or you are unable to export your files correctly, please contact us through the Request a quote section or write us an email at info@paarts.com.

Recommended setting for STL export

Low mesh resolution can affect the surface quality of your parts. On the other hand, too big resolution slows down the processing of your files. The recommended export settings is: max deviation 0,05 mm; minimal edge length 0,05 mm; angle 1°
The optimal size of STL file is 30MB, bigger files will take longer to process.

Build chamber sizes

380 x 284 x 380mm for production printers HP Jet Fusion 4200 and 5200
330 x 190 x 248mm for prototyping printers HP Jet Fusion 540 and 580

Production tolerances

We can produce parts within IT14 - IT13 grade. For some parts, we can achieve IT12, but we cannot guarantee it in all cases. Parts are printed with a layer thickness of 0,08mm. Currently, the layer height cannot be changed.

3D model parametres

Wall thickness, hollowing and lattices and color options

Wall thickness, hollowing and lattices

The recommended minimum wall thickness is 0,6mm. Lower values will probably end up in part defects during mandatory postprocessing of parts.
In the case of large objects, we might ask you if we can hollow your parts or generate lattice inside. Big parts can have a negative effect on the build process. The inside of the hollowed parts can remain filled with unmelted powder, or we can create holes in the parts for powder removal. The holes should be two with a diameter of 10 mm. We do the hollowing or generating lattices inside the models for free.

Color options for HP Jet Fusion

The parts printed on production machines HP Jet Fusion 4200 and 5200 are grey. We can additionally dye those parts black. The process dyes the plastic material, so the "color" does not peel off and does not increase the part's thickness.
On HP Jet Fusion 580 printers, we are able to print in white or in full-color mode. For full-color printing, you have to supply a textured 3D file. The most common file types are .OBJ or 3MF.

3D model parametres

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